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by Taylor, Matson
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by Taylor, Matson | Fiction & related items
Published 21/07/2022 by Simon & Schuster Ltd (Scribner UK) in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 320 pages

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EVIE EPWORTH IS TEN YEARS OLDER. BUT IS SHE ANY WISER?!Praise for The Miseducation of Evie Epworth ‘Tight, clever and riddled with wit. Like discovering Adrian Mole or Bridget Jones for the first time.’ Joanna Nadin, author of The Queen of Bloody Everything ‘A sweet, fizzy sherbet dib-dab of a book – deliciously nostalgic, hugely funny and ultimately heartwarming.

The perfect book for our times.’ Veronica Henry ‘Such a joyful and uplifting read. Just the sort of thing that people will want to be reading right now.’ Anita Rani, Radio 2 Book Club ‘Full of fabulous characters, sprinkled with joy and drenched in wit.’ Milly Johnson Ten years on from the events of THE MISEDUCATION OF EVIE EPWORTH, Evie is settled in London and working as a production assistant for the BBC. She has everything she ever dreamed of (a career, a leatherette briefcase, an Ossie Clark poncho) but, following an unfortunate incident involving a Hornsea Pottery mug and Princess Anne, she finds herself having to rethink her future.

What can she do? Is she too old to do it? And will it involve cork-soled sandals? As if this isn’t complicated enough, her disastrous love life leaves her worrying that she may be destined for eternal spinsterdom, concerned, as she is, that ‘even Paul had married Linda by the time he was 26’. Through it all, Evie is left wondering whether a 60s miseducation really is the best preparation to glide into womanhood and face the new challenges (strikes, power cuts, Edward Heath’s teeth) thrown up by the growing pains of the 70s. With the help of friends, both old and new, she might just find a way through her messy 20s and finally discover just who exactly she is meant to be…


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