Her Heart’s Choice : Unforgettable and moving WW2 historical fiction


by Meddon, Rosie

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by Meddon, Rosie | Cornwall
Published 22/04/2021 by Canelo (Canelo Saga) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 352 pages

Torn between love and duty, what will she choose?Lou Channer craves a life outside of beyond North Devon, somewhere she’s never left. She yearns to contribute to the war effort and takes a job as a clerk in the Royal Canadian Naval Yard in Plymouth, lodging with other girls from the depot who take her under their wing. When she catches the eye of local wheeler-dealer Harry, who dazzles her with nights about town, she finally feels like one of the girls.

And when Lieutenant Douglas Ross asks her out, Lou she can’t believe her luck – or decide to whom to give her heart. But during war, tragedy is only ever just around the corner, and after Lou’s depot is burgled she’s suddenly the primary suspect – and her whole future is on the line. A stunning novel of love, self-discovery and heartbreak, Her Heart’s Choice is perfect for fans of Liz Trenow, Shirley Dickson and Rosie Archer.


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